Top 10 Best Action Cameras Under $100 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

From mountain climbing to paragliding, the sheer thrill is simply indescribable. You can’t simply put it into words and expect people to get the feeling. Not unless you show them what you experienced. But that would be useless too if the places you visited are not captured perfectly.

So to help you avoid getting yourself embarrassed because of a subpar video that you made from some random camera you picked from a sale, we compiled 10 Best Action Cameras Under $100 2021 Reviews. We like to keep it cheap and affordable, of course. Not everyone can afford an expensive vacation and a camera that will most likely send your wallet into a coma till the next pay.

Best Overall
Best Overall

Victure AAC700 4K
Packed with tons of accessories, there are 2 additional batteries to keep it going and capture your moments.

Best Budget
Best Budget

Akamate 1080P
Cheap in price and an ideal gift for your kids. Let’s them capture all the silly moments of their childhood in perfect clarity

Editor’s Choice
Editor’s Choice

Remali CaptureCam 4K
From skydiving to scuba diving, it can accompany you anywhere and won’t disappoint.

Image Product Details   Price
1-Victure-AC700-4K-20MP Victure AAC700 4K Video Resolution: 4K-30FPS
Extra Batteries: yes
Manufacturer: Victure
Check Price
2-AKAMATE-Kids-Action-Camera Dragon Touch 1080P Video Resolution: 1080P-30FPS
Extra Batteries:
Dragon Touch
Check Price
3-REMALI-CaptureCam-4K-Ultra-HD Remali Capturecam 4K Video Resolution: 4K-25FPS
Extra Batteries: Yes
Check Price
4-Action-Camera-4K-60fps Akaso EK7000 Pro Video Resolution: 4K-25FPS
Extra Batteries: Yes
Manufacturer: Akaso
Check Price

Best Action Cameras Under $100 2021

1. Victure AC700 4k – Best Action Camera

Best Action Cameras Under $100

Victure AC700 4K is a perfect choice for those who can fork out several dozen bills easily. Unlike a GoPro, it doesn’t cost as much while providing excellent service.

If you happen to find yourself lacking a camera for a meeting, Victure action camera can be used as such. It is a perfect camera for any online activity regarding cameras both indoors and outdoors. And the wide-angle allows you to capture a bigger area with utter precision.

With 4K resolution, it can capture 30FPS providing you with an excellent video quality. Not just that it is mounted with a 20MP camera that takes perfect shots with absolute clarity no matter what you are doing.

It can also accompany you down in the water for up to 40m easily, letting you explore the beauty of the aquatic life and terrain when placed in its frame.

After mounted on your helmet, skateboard, dashboard, it is a must that the tremors will blur the video. But worry not, the EIS( Electronic Image Stabilisation) will keep the shots you take clear as crystal.

Not only that, Victure AC700 has built-in WIFI that lets you connect through the app suitable for both IOS and Android. And all the above reasons propped it up in our Best Overall category.


  • High-resolution camera
  • Can be used as a webcam
  • WIFI enabled
  • Stable images with the help of EIS


  • Some people find audio quality a bit low

2. Akamate 1080P – Best Budget Action Camera

Best Action Cameras Under $100

Spending hundreds of dollars on cameras to record your fun trips in the current scenario seems idiotic if you are not earning like you used to before the pandemic. And it will definitely be an idiotic idea to gift such cameras to anyone. But no doubt a good camera is definitely a good surprise for your kids and what’s better than Akamate 1080p.

This camera sports an HD 1080P camera at 30fps videos along with the audio. Plus, there are 5 different frames that are built-in, along with 3 innovative games to keep the kids busy. But do note that this set is NOT suitable for kids under the age of 4 due to their tendencies of shoving everything in their mouth.

Other than that, the built-in 3.7v Li-ion battery keeps up with the exciting energy of kids for up to 90 minutes, all the while recording 1080p at 30fps. This camera supports class 10 32 GB sd card which is included in the set.

Akamate 1080P comes with a waterproof case and can record videos as deep as 100 feet perfectly while being durable too.

All the amazingness above and just for a few dozen dollars. This product easily won the Best Budget price on our list.

Do note that our customer service is available 24/7 for life.


  • Long battery life
  • Cheap
  • Lifetime customer service
  • Comes with a waterproof case


  • The case might not work properly underwater

3. Remali captureCam 12mp-Editor’s Choice

Best Action Cameras Under $100

Any sane person will go for a cheaper product if the quality is around the same. If so then, Remali CaptureCam 12MP is just the right piece of equipment that packs both quality and durability. It secured the spot for Editor’s Choice due to tons of reasons which we will elaborate after a brief summary.

You can even use it as a vlogger and it won’t disappoint you. With the wide range of pixels from 720P to 4K, you can find it all here. Its wide-angle lens can capture photos up to 170 degrees wide too.

Remali capture cam can dive alongside you after fitted in its waterproof case and can go as low as 30 meters or 98 feet to record the marine wildlife and the exotic plants. Or you can just take it to the pool and have fun. All in all, you can take it anywhere near water without any worries of it getting damaged.

From taking photos to switching between photos to videos, all can be done through remote control. Not only that, but you can also sync your camera with your smartphone through WIFI as well.


  • Superb image quality
  • Integrated with 16 languages
  • Tons of accessories to accompany you on your day out
  • Water, scratch and dirt-proof case


  • Gets very hot quickly

4. Toyward Outdoor Sport-best waterproof Sports Camera Under $100

Best Action Cameras Under $100

While there are cameras that can record a video or capture photos a hundred feet deep with the help of a case, not many can go beyond that. So as always, to get you out of the predicament, we present to you Toyward Outdoor Sport.

Toyward is one of the Best Waterproof Sports Camera Under $100. Due to this specialization, it can go as deep as 130 meters. This is about 30% more than the ones listed above and to come after.

With the resolution of up to 4K at 60FPS, the video quality is astonishing, to say the least. And with a 20MP camera, the images will surely be breathtaking.

The anti-shaking feature is always in high demand and is a big assistance. Other than that, it has a wide-angle coverage of around 170` angle allowing you to collect more into a single shot.

Talking about connectivity, this camera manufacturer has programmed it so that it could be used with a remote as well. All the features that the camera has can be accessed through the remote, be it controlling it, recording, or framing shots. You can install the iSmart DV App on your phone and it would be as good as an RC.


  • Best waterproofing under $100
  • Multiple pieces of equipment
  • Wide-angle to help you in snapping more details
  • Bunch of camera mode to choose from


  • Can’t shoot 4K videos for more than 5 minutes.

 5. AKASO EK7000 Pro-best action camera under $100

Best Action Cameras Under $100

Akaso has been the product that has dominated our product list this time. It is one of the most reliable and renowned action cameras on the market at reasonable prices. With a bucket of features, Akaso EK7000 Pro has become the Best Action Camera Under $100.

Being able to dive down as deep as 131 feet and 4K resolution, it ranks among the topmost action cameras in the market. Do note that the camera itself is not resistant to water and has to be placed in a case before any contact with water.

And we all know, without the assistance of EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization), any kind of action camera loses its meaning. So despite being a common feature, it is one of the essential parts of an action camera and Akaso has it too.

Despite its small size, the 2” LCD allows you to have a better view of what you are recording and shows you a preview before changing the setting. It would be a pity to lose a good opportunity to shoot a wonderful sight but missing it because of a delay in deciding the correct resolution and frame.

For tackling the problem of constantly removing the camera from the mount, the remote control is introduced, which lets you do all you want with great efficiency and less to no hassle.

Also, don’t worry about the accessories either. There is plenty of stuff to ensure that you get the best of everything and enjoy your vacation, making memories.


  • Good picture quality
  • Deeper depth adaptability
  • Long battery life
  • User friendly


  • Audio doesn’t work in the waterproof case

6. Akaso EK7000 4K-Best Battery life

Best Action Cameras Under $100

The specialty of Akaso EK7000 4K is that like many of the action cameras. It does come with a pair of batteries, each of them can last for 90 minutes on 1080P. As for 4K, although the duration obviously decreases, it still is a staggering 60 minutes.

Because of this edge the camera holds, it managed to grab the title of Best Battery Life.

As mentioned earlier, what 4K is, this camera is incorporated with it despite its low cost. Not only that the camera can be linked with your smart-phone via the app allowing you to share it on social media.

On the other hand, the remote control helps in shifting between the various modes like burst, time-lapse, etc. As for the multi-functioning, the camera can shift from action mode to dashcam after a few adjustments.

But if you find that the view is too wide or too narrow, then fret not. There is a setting that lets you adjust the angle as well.

It would be a huge waste if such a good camera was not capable enough to tag along with you in a pool or during scuba dive. For that, Akaso manufactured a case that will not only protect it from water but also dust, scratches, and many more, keeping it in pristine condition.

Aside from manual and remote control, there are two batteries in the box, along with 23 pieces of equipment that make your trips fun and easy.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Great picture quality
  • Decent image stabilization
  • Tons of modes to choose from


  • You cannot focus manually which may not produce desirable results
Image Product Details   Price
7-Campark-ACT74-Action-Camera Campark ACT74 Video Resolution: 4K-30FPS
Extra Batteries: Yes
Check Price
8-APEMAN-TRAWO Akaso EK7000 4K Video Resolution: 4K-25FPS
Extra Batteries: Yes
Check Price
8-APEMAN-TRAWO Apeman Trawo A100 Video Resolution: 4K-30FPS
Extra Batteries: Yes
Check Price
9-AKASO-Brave Akaso Brave 4K Video Resolution: 4K-24FPS
Extra Batteries: Yes
Check Price

7. Campark action camera-best under $50

Best Action Cameras Under $100

This little camera is the real deal. The main reason it is in the Best Under $50 category is that it has almost all those features that an expensive camera has. For starters, this camera has a 4K resolution. 

Aside from recording in HD and UHD, it has adjustable view angles. To keep it going for long, there are 2 rechargeable batteries each with a runtime of 90 minutes. Campark Action Camera has a 2” LCD screen for a better view but it’s not responsive to touch.

This action camera is audio enabled as well but it won’t work after underwater as any and all sound is isolated by the waterproof case. But there is a unique feature in it too which shuts down the camera automatically that saves power.

Plus, WIFI compatibility lets you share your moments on Instagram and similar platforms.


  • User friendly
  • Affordable price
  • Built-in microphone
  • Small in size and durable


  • EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization)

8. Apeman Trawo A100 – Best for Pro Users

Best Action Cameras Under $100

Compared to its predecessors and other cameras in the same budget division, Apeman Trawo A100 has surpassed them by a good margin. Trawo has been working on improving its control system users often complained in the past. 

This camera can be considered as the most fitting and Best For Pro Users who are due to their occupation, mostly around water or in a cold environment. The wetness and cold create issues as the touchscreen doesn’t register the touch properly.

The 4K of Trawo is significantly better than the other ones because Apeman doesn’t use other technology to ladder up the quality. Because of displaying original resolution, battery usage is also way less, thus offering a better run time.

But one of the best features is the top of the line sensor and image stabilization that keeps the video in every resolution clear and blur-free.


  • Superb image stabilization
  • Deep water resistance
  • Small but sturdy and durable
  • Extended battery life


  • Settings reset every time the battery is changed

9. Akaso brave – Value For Money

Best Action Cameras Under $100

When it comes to photography in bright sunlight, Akaso Brave produces better quality than a GoPro. The contrast is way better, and the colors look more evocative.

Being one of the leaders in the market for cheap action cameras, Akaso’s cameras usually have the most of the basic requirements an action camera is supposed to have. With 5X zoom and different angle views ranging from 70` to 170`. Despite not having actual 4K, the picture quality is pretty decent.

About the batteries, although not very efficient and high quality, they still provide a lengthy amount of recording and functioning time. Next are the WIFI connectivity and remote control which are pretty apposite with the range of 10 meters.

And at last, the waterproof feature which allows the camera to go around thirty meters deep. Do note that it is the casing that resists the water, not the camera itself.


  • 2 batteries
  • Ability to zoom
  • LCD screen for better preview
  • Supports SD cards with up to 64 GB


  • Bad audio quality

10. Xiaomi Mi 4K – Best Battery Time

Best Action Cameras Under $100

One of the major problems with action cameras is that they overheat before the battery time runs out. They’re not integrated with any kind of cooling system to keep the temperature within the required range.

Xiaomi Mi 4K has it all because of which it has one of the Best Battery Time ever. Although there is only a single battery that alone has 120 minutes runtime on 4K! That is enough to leave many cameras in the dust.

But if you’re not satisfied with that even then, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro can keep you company for a long time due to its massive 10000mAH size.

As for other features, there are a lot of them as well. It can produce high-quality results in low light with the help of 12MP. It has a plethora of modes and has an excellent EIS supported by IMX317 Sony sensors. The touchscreen gives good preview in high resolution while the Gorilla Glass retina stays safe from scratches and dust.


  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Amazing battery life
  • Built-in 4K resulting in far better quality
  • Good low light picture and video quality


  • Doesn’t support external microphone
  • No waterproof case

Best Brands Of Action Cameras

Apart from those mentioned above, there is a whole other market of action cameras out there. Although the price is significantly higher, the quality and the products are correspondingly better too. The list that we prepared is one of THE best action camera brands you can get.

GoPro Series

GoPro Hero 8 Black: GoPro is hands down one of the best action camera brands out there. Especially the latest camera, Hero 8 Black. The company that started all this action camera craze launched another pint-sized beast that has the best image stabilization. Not just that, it comes with a horde of other features that makes it suitable for extreme sports and professional vloggers.


One R: It’s unlikely that you will find any other camera which is more versatile than this one in the whole market. Those who are still unsure and stuck between a traditional and a 360 action camera, this little guy has it all. Considering that you never know what to expect on your trip, this camera is a definite go-to. Just the amount of modes is enough to keep you busy for a long time and can also convert from a typical action cam to panorama. Also, the image stabilization is not something to scoff at either.



Osmo Action: The thing that distinguishes Osmo Action from other cameras is two LCD screens. This well thought out aspect lets the user use the camera for selfies too. Or just make it convenient for giving a preview when the required screen is not accessible. If that doesn’t move you, just know that it provides better screen resolution then a GoPro because of the true 16:9 ratio. Plus, it can work with a screw-on lens giving you the choice of frames and filters you want for your pictures.

Olympus Tough

TG-6: Imagine buying a fancy action camera you spent a heart bleeding amount of money on and due to a slight carelessness, the camera slipped and KAPUT! Yeah, no one wants that to happen. But if you even want, this tough guy won’t even figuratively flinch. It can dive as deep as a staggering 50 meters. Not just that, it is as tough as nails and can bear a fall from seven feet and perform in temperatures as low as 15` Fahrenheit. But all the sturdiness doesn’t affect its performance and has many features like 4K20FPS, image stabilization, etc.

These brands are one of the most popular ones and have the highest demand outside the budget class.

Best Action Cameras under $100 Buyer’s Guide

As the famous saying goes, “There is no pill for regret”, it won’t be wise to just go and buy a camera without knowing how. Buying a rip-off might make you a laughing stock as well. So, it would be better to go through a guide thoroughly and save yourself from getting in embarrassing situations.

There are a couple of things that need consideration. Like many other things, it’s not easy to buy action cameras because many of them have the same exterior and specifications.

The first and foremost is the battery life a camera has. It doesn’t matter how awesome or trendy the camera is if it isn’t going to last long. To get an accurate idea, always check the battery time, not the capacity.

Second is the image stabilization. This feature is a must in every action camera because without it, there won’t be much of a difference between it and an average camera. The first is image stabilization. The most common and used is known as anti-shake image stabilization. Every low priced camera has it, but the real issue comes with video stabilization. To overcome that, you should have a stabilizer connected.

There are two ways a camera can stabilize the video it’s filming. First is GIS or Gyro Image Stabilization. You’ll mostly find it in cheap cameras because the quality is reduced in GIS as it crops the image caught by the sensor. As for OIS, they perform on the same basis as a gyroscope which tracks even the tiniest movements and stabilizes the video autonomously.

Remote control comes at third because you’ll have to mount your camera somewhere when you can’t hold it in your hands like cliff-hanging, bicycling, etc. The remote becomes a big help in using the camera and is fun to use as well. No timers and all, just a push and done.

The touchscreen feature has been integrated so much in our lives that without its presence, things not only look old fashioned and boring but awkward and problematic as well. You won’t find many cameras with touchscreen under $100 cap but of those who do, using them becomes very easy. But the downside is that many of the cameras are not waterproof and need a waterproof housing which renders the touchscreen more or less useless.

Lastly is mostly for those who love watersports. Yes, waterproof ability. Despite tons of cameras in the market, there are very few that are waterproof themselves and don’t require any casing to keep the water out. The problem with the casing is that many features become useless or are affected after the camera is placed in it. For example, the audio feature barely records anything, and the video becomes less interesting to watch. Or the touchscreen, as mentioned above, wouldn’t work entirely.

Best Action Cameras Under $100 – FAQs

The general idea for making an action camera was to let the user shoot videos and pictures from their point of view with the least possible contact. This allows the steady intake of images while being mounted on a helmet or a bicycle.

There isn’t much of a difference between the two. And actually, they are quite similar when it comes to shooting photos and videos. But the real thing that sets it apart is its construction. Nothing beats an action cam when bringing a bit of an edge to your videos and pictures. They are unbeatable in this, hands down.

There isn’t much of a difference between the two. And actually, they are quite similar when it comes to shooting photos and videos. But the real thing that sets it apart is its construction. Nothing beats an action cam when bringing a bit of an edge to your videos and pictures. They are unbeatable in this, hands down.

You won’t find an action camera with a zoom feature that easily in the market. There might be some, but you have to spend a lot of time and energy to look for them. For that, though, you can buy an optical zoom lens to help you out.

There is no doubt about GoPro spearheading the action cam market, but you would be in for a rude awakening if you thought that it ended just there. There are other action cams that despite being cheap, can produce picture quality that closely rivals the big players. They can be a really good choice as long as you don’t want GPS or motion sensors and only want good picture quality.

There isn’t much that needs to be done. Start by turning the WIFI of your camera on, go to the settings option of your computer and click on “manually connect”. After that, you will be required to enter the camera’s WIFI SSID and password to let the computer establish a link with it.

Normally, any editing software will work but what makes the difference is the thing you want out of it or the purpose of that video. It can be a vlog, a youtube video, or any hiking or underwater clip. But if you want to remove the unwanted lens effects like fish-eye or others or just want to add in special ones like slow-mo and such, there are specified apps on the internet.

Although this doesn’t happen very often, there can only be two probabilities. First can be that your camera got a hit without its case, and some internal parts have broken. The second one can be that your SD card is the source of trouble. First, remove the SD card and give the camera a go. If it works normally, then format the card, but due to the buttons being unresponsive try formatting it with the computer. Do it again after mounting it in the camera. It should work afterward, but in case it doesn’t try contacting the seller or customer service.

It’s not a secret that action cameras are the most multifaceted ones out of all the cameras out there. Even with their tiny stature, they can do so much more than one’s expectations. Because of 4K videos and images, it was bound to become a favorite for YouTubers. So yes, it can most definitely be used for Youtube or maybe for Snapchat as well.

There are a few ways that can be used to keep the battery run for a longer period of time. The higher the resolution, the higher the battery use. This fact is well known. So if you don’t have any use for high resolutions, then don’t use it. In some cameras, there is a screen saver function that turns the camera off when left idle for a period of time. You can activate that which will save a substantial amount of battery. The last option may not apply to many cameras out there but it’s still useful i.e. turn off the WIFI when you don’t need it. It’s the same principle that is applied to the mobile data as well, where we are recommended to switch it off when it’s not required.

Well, it’s not really rocket science, because all you have to do is use the normal charger that you use for your smartphone. And as for battery maintenance, place the battery inside the camera for betterresults. Avoid charging the battery from the computer, as it may damage the battery due to unstable power supply.

An average battery takes around 3 hours to charge completely, so make sure not to use it then. The reason is pretty simple. Best-case scenario is just the shortening of lifespan. Worst case scenario, over inflation; rendering the battery useless. And lastly, if you want the usage time to increase, use the camera on battery saver mode or some may know as a screen saver. It helps a lot at the expense of some of the features being restricted.


Making the list of these cameras according to their specialities and specs was in no way an easy task. But we still manage to pull it through after a lot of hard work and research. We know that there will be some of you that might disagree so we’ll request those viewers to share their thoughts down in the comments. And as the notorious Coronavirus is being restrained and many countries have been freed, it is still recommended that you take precautions. So stay safe and healthy enough to record all those trips that have been pending due to the virus.

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